The Fleet

Chief Vehicle

The Chief’s vehicle is a Ford Explorer SUV. It is used by the Chief of North Fayette Township Volunteer Fire Department and holds everything that is necessary to coordinate between Allegheny county fire dispatch and North Fayette Township Police. Outside of emergency calls, the 209 Chief is used as a primary means of transportation for building code enforcement and inspection.

Currently quartered at the Chief’s house

Image of 209 Rescue

209 Rescue

209 Rescue is the latest apparatus in the North Fayette Township Volunteer Fire Department. 209 Rescue is specialty apparatus, built to handle technical rescue situations such as vehicle extrication, confined space rescue, rope rescue, swift water rescue and building collapse.  The apparatus features Sutphen chassis and a custom built wagon by Precision Fire Apparatus

Currently quartered at Station 1

image of 209 special services

209 Special Services

209 Special Services (SS) is a 2006 Polaris Ranger 4×4. It is equipped with hand tools and features a removable sliding human transportation seat for physical rescues. 209-SS has been used in a wide range of woodland rescues, where access with a car or apparatus is impossible and inconceivable to use.

Currently quartered at Station 2

209 Squad 1

209 Squad is a Ford F350 Heavy Duty Pickup truck. It is equipped with a selection of hand tools, SCBA packs and features seating for 5 members. 209-Squad has been used in transporting 209-SS and acts as a means of transportation for Fire Department members.

Currently quartered at Station 2

209 Squad 2

209 Squad-2 is a Ford Explorer SUV. It is equipped with a selection of hand tools, SCBA packs and features seating for 4 members. 209-Squad-2 acts as a means of transportation for Fire Department members.

Currently quartered at Station 3

image of 209 truck

209 Truck

209 Truck is a custom built Sutphen SPH 100 Aerial Platform. Featuring ROM roll up doors and can hold the capacity for up to 900′ 5″ LDH in its’ hose bed. The platform features twin monitors mounted outboard, up high; allowing the front of the platform to remain open to allow better access to the face of the platform for rescue or ventilation. The Mid-Mount design allows for a lower center of gravity, resulting in a more stable and better handling apparatus.

Currently quartered at Station 2

Image of 209 utility

209 Utility

209 Utility is a 2003 Ford F-250 Super Duty with a Triton V-10 Gasoline engine. 209 Utility serves as the fire department’s Quick Response Service (QRS) vehicle. This vehicle provides our responders a means of transportation for our emergency medical responders. When it is not being used on medical calls, this vehicle also provides a means of transportation for our members to use for training and performing nonemergency services for North Fayette.

Currently quartered at Station 1

Image of engine 1

209 Engine 1

209 Engine 1 is a 1993 KME pumper apparatus featuring an International DT466 engine, capable of 245 horsepower and is equipped with an Allison automatic transmission. On board, the apparatus has a 1,000-gallon tank with two 30 gallon foam tanks (Class A & B). Engine 1, can put out 1,250 gallons per minute off its’ single stage pump. Currently on Engine 1 is 1,200 feet of 5-inch hose, 250 feet of 3-inch pre-connected hose with a gated wye, two 200 foot 1.75-inch preconnected hose, 200 feet of 2.5-inch preconnected hose and basic rescue tools.

Currently quartered at Station 3

209 Engine 2

209 Engine 2 is a 1993 Pierce Lance pumper featuring a Detroit Diesel engine, capable of 450 horsepower and a automatic transmition. This engine belonged to the Keating Fire Company in Ross Township until purchased in early 2019. This engine features a 1,500-gallon tank with one foam tank.  Currently Engine 2 has two preconnected attack lines off each side. This pumper has 3 ladders consisting of one 24-foot ladder, one attic ladder, and one 24 foot ladder. Engine 2 carries various other basic firefighting and rescue tools.

Currently quartered at Station 2

Image of engine 3

209 Engine 3

209 Engine 3 features a Sutphen built apparatus with a 500-HP Cummins diesel engine featuring an Allison automatic transmission. Engine 3 can put out 2,000 gallons per minute off its’ Hale top mounted pump. On board, the apparatus is an 850-gallon tank and a 15 kW Onan hydraulic generator. Currently on Engine 3 is 3 preconnected 1.75-inch attack line hose, 2 preconnected 2.5-inch attack line hose (1 with a portable master stream), 1 preconnected 3-inch attack line and 2 preconnected 1.75-inch “Trash” line hose (located in the bumper).

Currently quartered at Station 1

209 Attack

209 Attack is a 2019 Ford F-550 with a Triton engine. The attack is very useful when responding to areas where a normal fire engine could not go and is very useful for -quick responses. The attack has a 350-gallon tank onboard, as well as 2 attack lines off both sides, and a forestry/ booster reel that is housed in the rear compartment. This truck has basic firefighting and rescue capabilities.

Currently quartered at Station 3